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2023 Budget

Town of Constantia Budget for 2023 certified on November 15th, 2022

2023 Budget

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Comprehensive Plan 2023

Purpose Of The Plan
The purpose of the plan is to provide a shared vision for the future of the community that benefits residents and businesses. The plan provides a rational framework for existing land development and land subdivision controls. The plan anticipates new waves of residential, commercial, and industrial development, especially considering development pressures from the Syracuse metropolitan area which is expanding into the region.

The plan serves to anticipate town capital projects, assess their potential impacts, and consider ideal development patterns that are consistent with community goals and visions. Capital projects may include water, sewer, road and subdivision development, community buildings, parks, etc. The protection of natural resources for future generations of residents and visitors is also an important goal of this plan.

Constantia Comprehensive Plan dated 2023