Please Take Notice: The regular meetings of the Town Board of the Town of Constantia during the calendar year 2024 shall be held at 6:00 pm the third Tuesday of each month at the Town Hall, 14 Frederick Street, Constantia, New York. Please Take Further Notice: that prior to each aforesaid regular meeting the Constantia Town Board will conduct a work session at 5:30 pm at the aforesaid town hall for the purpose of allowing members of the board to do a preliminary review of bills submitted for approval and payment, and for the purposes of discussing those matters which fall within the definitions, intent and purview of Section 95, Article 7 of the Public Officers Law.

Please Take Further Notice, the Supervisor will hold a special meeting on the first Tuesday of each month at 4:00 pm with the exception of holidays.

By the Order of the Town Board
Clare Haynes
Town Clerk
Dated: January 2, 2024