Highway Superintendent
Wayne Woolridge
land: 315-675-8264
cell: 315-882-4850

Highway Department

Under the general supervision of the Town Board, the Town Superintendent of Highways is responsible for the maintenance and repair of town streets and roads, including snow removal, drainage, traffic signing and other services for the town. The incumbent is responsible for the administrative activities of the Highway Department and overseeing all department operations, including preparing the department budget; approving bills for payment; planning, prioritizing, and organizing the various activities of the department; and supervising the work of subordinate personnel by performing field inspections and reviewing reports. This is an important administrative position where the incumbent assumes final responsibility for the work of the Highway Department.

The highway department personnel are now on their summer hours, which are Monday thru Thursday from 6:30am to 5pm.

If you see a streetlight out near your home, get the number of the pole and call highway superintendent Wayne Woolridge at 315-675-8264 (highway garage) or 315-882-4850 (cell). If you do not have a pole number, please report what road it is on, and the nearest crossroad.