Code Enforcement Officer
Patrick Dolan

Code Enforcement Office

The Code Enforcement Officer shall administer and enforce all the provisions of the Uniform Code, ordinances and all regulations pertaining to building construction, including receiving building permit applications, reviewing plans and specifications, conducting inspections, and issuing permits for the erection, alteration, relocation, addition, repair and/or demolition of buildings and structures. He shall issue certificates of occupancy, collect fees as set forth by the Town Council and oversee the maintaining and filing of all records necessary for the administration of the office to the satisfaction of the Town Council.

To make an appointment with someone at the Code Enforcement Office, please call and leave a message.

Many application forms required in the Town of Constantia are available online. Please see this link:

Any structure more than 144 square feet requires a building permit. This includes prebuilt and delivered structures.

All outside wood stoves and all solid fuel burning appliances require a permit before installation, an electrical inspection and a final inspection.

Fire Safety and Property Maintenance inspections of all multiple dwellings and all non-residential buildings, structure, use or occupancy, of any dwelling unit will commence starting January 2007. This will include Public Assembly uses intended for worship, recreation or amusement, and food and drink consumption.

If a facility desires a walk-through, at no cost, to evaluate compliance with Fire and Safety and Property codes before the inspections, please contact the Town of Constantia Code Enforcement Office at 315-623-9581.

Code Enforcement Officer - Violations
William Hamacher